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Whenever there is important news that affects your ability/decision to buy Lombok property for sale, the news will be posted here.

Lombok Land For Sale Rumors

There have been many rumors about the Mandalika project on Lombok during the last years. You have probably heard about a new water theme park, golf course and Formula 1 track. There are tons of rumors about what specific major hotel chains that will start developing Tanjung Aan together with BTDC (Bali Tourism Development Corporation). The hotel chains Club Med, Ritz Carlton and Marriott are frequently mentioned when the starters are discussed. All of these rumors affects when and where to buy Lombok land.

Ongoing Projects

When you travel around Lombok today you frequently spot many ongoing projects on hill, sloping and flat land between Selong Belanak west of Kuta all the way to Bumbang east of Gerupuk. It looks like the land is getting prepared with good access roads and flattened out to facilitate building in the near future. There are also many villa plots and luxury villas for sale by observing the posters in local restaurants in Kuta.


The electricity grid is ready and the signs of electricity waiting to be connected can be seen along the roads. The fresh water pipeline is ready to supply a large area and there are rumors about extending it to Bumbang in 2016. Many areas around Lombok do not have any problem with the fresh water supply, but getting it from the government facilitates the construction work.

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