13 Finally a Certificate

13.1 Recordation and Issuance of the Land Certificate by BPN

Once all documents have been reviewed, they will be sent to the Land Office (BPN) for final processing. The BPN staff will visit the location to visually check that the paperwork matches the actual site conditions. They will make a formal boundary survey and draw a plot map showing the names of neighbours, roads, etc.

Typically a period of 6 months is reserved for neighbours or anybody else who has a valid claim on the property to come forward and make their case. The exact length of time required to process the land certificate is a mystery, but the rate of processing depends largely on how much you are willing to pay. A high ranking government official once said: “Don’t ask how long it will take, ask how much I need to pay to get it done by a certain time”.

Another factor that affects the processing time is how often the processing agent visits the BPN office. It seems possible to shame the staff to put your paperwork on top of the stack. Your processing agent’s connections in BPN naturally also affects the processing time.

External events, for example a change of staff or new regulations can affect the processing time. If you are eager to reduce the processing time, it is possible to develop a strategy with your processing agent and decide when and how much to pay to achieve a processing time reduction.

Finally the land transfer will be recorded in the official records at BPN. Soon after that day, your partner or the Notaris will pick-up the final certificate and hand it to you or send it by courier. After traveling a long and often painful road, it is a very welcome sight to see the blue folder that reads: “Sertifikat”. Congratulations on your new purchase!

Please find the cover of one of our certificates below. We purposely removed reference numbers on top and bottom.

Lombok property & land legalised receipt

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