3 Explore Lombok

This chapter describes why you need to get familiar with all of Lombok before you choose an area to buy.

3.1 From Tourist to Resident

Visiting Lombok as a tourist some times is usually enough to visit the most famous areas on the Island. Your vision has probably been busy enjoying breathtaking views and beaches during your visits. You have not likely been focusing on things that are crucial to a resident. When you actually begin to consider buying land, you need to look at Lombok from a new perspective. It is not enough to focus on a few types of land in a few areas. When you add for example an international school for your kids to the equation, many areas disqualify. You might very well find out that a location in a non-tourist area best fits your (family’s) day-to-day lifestyle.

3.2 Explore the Hidden Lombok

There are still prime parcels hidden in places where most travellers do not go. There are examples of great foreign built villas located far from a tourist area. It is still possible that you can find privacy and an amazing ocean view at a low price on Lombok.

Ekas Peninsula on the far southeast corner of Lombok has many prime properties in for example Kaliantan and Cemara, located on fine white sand beaches with beautiful crystal blue water. The foothills of Gunung Rinjani offer drinkable spring water and spectacular views.

To be able to visit all of Lombok you are best off hiring an experienced guide who can take you on an extended tour of the whole Island. This increases your chances in finding your slice of paradise. If you come up empty handed, you still gained a lot of knowledge about land values, terrain and the different weather patterns. These things alone make the trip worth the effort.

Do you look upon yourself as a resident and/or investor?

3.3 Starting a Checklist

Starting a checklist of things critical to you is important to efficiently be able to look for land and remember to ask all the right questions. Please start with our checklist and customize it with things that are most important to you. The important thing is to write down a list of items to check to make sure you do not forget to ask when opportunity present itself.

  • Do you feel comfortable in the area? Are people friendly? Do you like the terrain and the native vegetation?
  • If you are searching for a peaceful and quiet place, is the location likely to remain undeveloped and quiet?
  • What are your weather conditions? The climate in different areas of Lombok can be hot and dry, while others are cool and wet.
  • What are the potential for price appreciation if you are buying as an investment? Are new or planned developments likely to come into the area?
  • What is the road quality? Some areas can only be accessed via poor roads, which makes the drive both uncomfortable, time consuming and dangerous.
  • Is it far to buy essential products? (Building materials, groceries, medicine etc.)

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