Lombok Property For Sale Investors

Introduction to Lombok Property For Sale Investors

All registered investors with Lombok property for sale are listed on this page. The investor listing will be updated automatically when a new investor lists real estate for sale for the first time. When you can buy Lombok property from one investor, you will also be able to contact him/her directly. No middle-men. It is a requirement to have at least one Lombok property for sale to be listed. You can view all properties per investor by following the link “View all property listed by *Investor Name*”.

Foreigners that are listed here are not the owner in a legal sense; they have a method to invest in land and/or to occupy land in Indonesia. We commonly use the phrase “buy Lombok land for sale” on this web site and this really means invest in land and/or to occupy land for foreigners. This is the reason for not automatically referring to the investor also as the owner on this listing page. Some investors are Indonesian citizens and also the legal owner and holder of for example a Freehold title (Right of Ownership/Hak Milik). Read more about Indonesian ownership legislation in the fourth chapter of the Lombok Property & Land Buying Guide. The guide also explains the property purchasing process step-by-step and we can guarantee that there is something for every type of investor in the guide.

There are currently only two property investors with land for sale, which is due to the fact that the web site just started up. The investors are also the web site founders and highly involved in the web design, development and SEO work.

Lombok Property For Sale Investors

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Investor in properties on Lombok. European. Loves surfing.

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Investor in properties on Lombok. Balinese. Loves surfing.
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