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Please contact us for any inquires related to investing in Indonesian property in general and to buy Lombok land for sale in particular. It will be our pleasure to assist you to buy Lombok land for sale and also to update the guide to buy Lombok property for sale in case it misses useful information for other investors.

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Please use the contact form on the bottom of this page if you wish to register as property investor and list Lombok land for sale. Once you receive your login details by email you will be able to login here.

Please make sure to include the following in your contact message:

  • Name (to be used for your profile)
  • Email (to be used when buyers contact you)
  • Property Investor Short Description (to be used for your profile description)
  • Property Investor Phone Number (internal use)
  • Property Investor Objects (internal use)

Please read the property listing user guide first and then start listing and categorising property and land that you are invested in and market towards property investors looking to buy land. Marketing property online should be easy, efficient and free. There is no longer any need to pay the big real estate companies an expensive commission which will eat up the sellers profit and make the buyer pay more than necessary.

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