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The basic idea of this web site is to offer a clean, sophisticated and free Lombok property for sale listing solution for investors buying and selling Lombok property for sale. The original idea was only to market Lombok land for sale that the founders were invested in, but why not offer the Lombok property for sale listing solution to other individuals as well? There are probably many like-minded individuals with an investment on Lombok that they wish to market sometime in the future. Marketing property online should be easy, efficient and free. The only favor we ask for in return is that you help spreading the good word about our web site Lombok Property & Land – Property Listing & Guide to Buy. You can start by sharing our web site on Facebook and to your friends who walk in the same shoes as us.

The idea is also to guide new investors to the specific formal and informal rules and laws that apply when buying property on Lombok. If you have the knowledge about the purchasing process you can avoid many scams and pitfalls along your search for your slice of paradise. Once upon a time, the founders of this web site were introduced to buying property on Lombok in such a guide. That guide is no longer on the Internet since the creator passed away suddenly. That guide is definitely one of the reasons why the founders now are invested in three different areas of Lombok.

About Lombok Island

Lombok Island is located directly to the east of Bali Island. Although only 30 km separate the islands, Lombok is literally and figuratively a world away. The Wallace Line bisects the two landmasses. Alfred Wallace was a British naturalist who spent time exploring Indonesia in the 19th century. He noticed a distinct difference between the flora, fauna and geography of the two islands. Wallace determined that as a result of continental drift, Lombok originated from Australia and Bali from Asia, literally a world away.

Lombok culture and religion are also very different from Balinese, making it a great getaway for people looking for break from Bali. Although both are unique, it is refreshing to experience the pleasant differences that the Sasak culture has to offer.

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